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Why the WalkNStake?

How we came up with the idea.


Like most parents we spend many weekend mornings at various sporting events for our kids.  This particular morning we are at my oldest daughter's soccer game with our other three kids and two dogs in tow, it is a hot and sunny day in June.  The dogs are panting from the walk over to the neighborhood soccer field and their leashes are getting tangled around our toddler's legs, the stroller, and other people just trying to watch the game.  We are not the only ones - several people have brought their dogs.  They sit on the leashes, attempt to tie them to their portable chairs, or just have to stand and hold the leash during the game.

There's got to be a better way!

The dogs are overheating and the only shade is far from the action of the soccer game.  I take the dogs to this small patch of pine trees - no place to tie the leash to - so I squint to watch the game from a distance, all the while sitting on the dogs' leashes to keep them from running off.  

Now, all I can think - THERE HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY! 



I went home that very morning and spent hours researching the Internet and catalogs looking everywhere for a product that I could buy and use for myself, and to my amazement absolutely nothing existed.   Being an avid hiker, camper and an all around outdoors-man who travels with my dogs across the country I really needed something that would allow me to take my dogs anywhere, so I went to work on making the first prototype of the WalkNStake.  

Design, test, redesign, test


After many months and many radical design changes and field testing I managed to create a revolutionary, portable, easy-to-use way to walk or take your dog anywhere stake-out system.   The stakes are concealed within the unit.  No sharp points to carry, it's clean as there are no dirty stakes to have to touch as they store inside the unit itself so you don't have to worry about getting your home or car dirty and you can throw it in a backpack or purse.  Thanks to a dual stake design, the WalkNStake is easy to put in the ground and take back out - but almost impossible for a dog to pull out.  You see it's simple physics, when you pull from the center point the WalkNStake tries to collapse and drag the stakes inward toward the middle vs. straight up and out as all other currently sold systems do. 


I have tested this device in many ways on every dog I could find with anyone who would let me attach their leash to the unit as I wanted to make the very best device - the system works excellent (FYI - I am a bit of a perfectionist).  Lastly, in addition to being durable the WalkNStake had to be designed to be very light weight and comfortable - we spent a lot of time on this aspect - we pretty much drove our engineers crazy with design and material changes [another neat innovation is that when the unit is closed it is held together by two magnets, so there are no clumsy latches that could get soiled or break].



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